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It is durable, fairly inexpensive and very easy to maintain. On average, concrete will cost you about $8 per square foot. One of the benefits of concrete is that it can be poured into any shape, and once set and smoothed, will give you a nice flat surface for your patio. Maintenance is easy as well.

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Cost to Install Drywall. Our following drywall installation cost for calculator allows you to change variables & refigure. Includes all labor, materials and supplies needed for performing the work per below based on entered dimensions. Results are approximations based on drywall installations in the United States.

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by Rusty • March 29, • Comments Off on Flagstone Calculator Free Flagstone Calculator to calculate flagstone tonnage. Use this flagstone calculator to calculate the tons of flagstone needed to do your patio, sidewalk, driveway, or floor.

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Concrete cost per square foot. Expect to pay between $4.25 and $6.25 per square foot to have a plain concrete slab poured. To get an even better idea of how much your project will cost, get quotes from local contractors that can come see the site. Use our concrete calculator to calculate

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Prices stretch from $3,825 to a very custom $6,275 to get a basic, fully-covered 10 x 10 vinyl patio cover installed. DIY Solid roofed patio cover kits range from $1800 to $4300. DIY lattice patio cover kits range from $989 on the low end to $3200 for a custom cut cover. Wood Patio Covers Cost. Lower End.

Concrete Slab Cost Per Square Foot | Cost to Pour

HomeAdvisor's Concrete Slab Cost Calculator gives average installed concrete costs per square foot or size (30x30, 24x24, 40x60) for garage floors, sheds, backyard slabs and more. Estimate the labor price to pour concrete vs. buy precast cement pads.

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A concrete driveway costs from $8 to $18 per square foot, depending on decorative colors and finishes. While a plain gray concrete driveway costs between $5 and $7 per square foot to install. Concrete is ideal for getting the look of stone or pavers, without the high cost. Options are endless, so you can get a one-of-a-kind driveway that

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Patio Materials for Covers, Roofs, Decking and More. Patio materials are traditionally some form of masonry or stone, such as concrete, flagstone, brick, or crushed gravel. The material costs will vary based on the size of your project. A DIY walkway with stone pavers can be completed at a much lower price than a poured walkway.

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As our numbers show in average cost that homeowners paid for pad installation in Cook county is between $828.00 and $933.00. This Concrete Patio Chicago Quote Includes: $4.00 to $4.00 per square foot material costs.

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Cost of Concrete Driveway, Walkway, and Floor Installation in Colorado. $5.88 per square foot (4 inch reinforced slab) (Range: $3.75 - $8.00) $9.00 per square foot (6 inch reinforced slab) (Range: $6.00 - $12.00) Free Estimates from Local Pros.

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May 07,  · The first step to creating a stamped concrete patio is to pour a concrete slab. This has a cost of $90-$100 per cubic yard poured, or around $410 for a 200 sq.ft. slab that is 4-inches thick. This is incorporated into the cost of the total project, along with the added cost of the various pigments used.

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Installing concrete steps costs $900 on average. Most jobs range between $500 and $4,000. Size is the most significant cost factor when determining concrete steps cost. A wide stoop or curved design will be more expensive than a small basic step. If there is an existing stair structure that needs to be removed, that can also add an additional cost.

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As our numbers show in average cost that homeowners paid for pad installation in Marion county is between $765.00 and $867.00. This Concrete Patio Indianapolis Quote Includes: $3.00 to $4.00 per square foot material costs. Average labor costs to install concrete pads in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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The patio costs in this article are correct as of 2021. Patio installation can be a great way to extend your usable space, making a more permanent way to enjoy your garden when the weather in the UK lets you be outside. to work out the total cost of a patio, just take the paving cost per square metre, and multiply that by the total area of

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Pre-made concrete stain slabs are usually cheap. The usual cost of concrete stain starts with 350 to 400 dollars with standard quality materials. But if you want high-quality material and finishing the cost could be raised to 500 dollars. By the way, all these prices are for 125 per square ft. for inside the house.

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Concrete block paving cost per m2. £19 - £48. £33.50. Cost to remove block paving. £150 - £200 per day. £175 per day. Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now. The amount you need to save for block paving will vary depending on your circumstances.

Cost to Install a Patio - Average Prices and Cost

Concrete Patio Installation Cost A concrete patio typically costs between $6 - $16 per square foot. A patio can be made using concrete with anywhere from a brushed finish to a decorative colored, stamped concrete. Concrete can be stamped and colored to look like natural stone for a beautiful and durable finish.

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The average roof replacement cost is $4,200-6,600 on a 1,600 sq.ft. ranch house using asphalt roof shingles. However, if you use premium materials such as metal, wood shingles, clay tile, etc, the cost of your roof will be at least $9,500 - 16,000. Roofing prices can vary widely depending on the size and complexity of your roof, type of materials you use, as well as your location.

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Product and Installation Supplies Cost Details Glass Deck Rail Cost Factors. How much does glass deck railing cost? Home Advisor puts the range at $150 to $850 per linear foot with an average of $500 per foot, slightly higher than our estimate. View Rail's Cost Guide suggests an installed cost of $140 to $270 per linear foot but considers a narrower range of materials.

Average Concrete, Brick or Stone Patio Installation

It costs around $5 per square foot for a concrete patio. What does stamped concrete cost? You can think of this material as "luxury" concrete. A stamped concrete patio is embedded with a pattern and color to make it look like natural stone. Stamped concrete patio cost is about $8 to $12 per square foot for a basic design (one pattern, one color

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STEP 4: Pour and finis the concrete. Photo: Proceed to mix and pour the concrete in evenly placed mounds. From there, distribute the concrete over the project area by means of a hoe

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