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The Trailer concrete pump model VOLT15 D is suitable for concrete placement rate of 8-10 cubic meter per hour. The Concrete pump is powered by a 19.5 KW Kirloskar diesel engine and is suitable for concrete pumping at vertical 15 meter or horizontal 60 meter subject to pumpable concrete mix confirming to manufacturers guidelines.

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Oct 12,  · A simple method of concrete mix design for pumpable concrete based on an estimated weight of the concrete per unit volume is presented in the article. The Tables and Figures included are worked out from various BIS codes and Hand Books

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1 Concrete Mix Design 1 THE PRINCIPLE OF MIX DESIGN " Mix design " means to develop the concrete composition (in terms of kg of each component in 1 m 3 of concrete) by taking into account • the data dealing with the placement of fresh concrete such as workability transportation time

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Concrete mix design-Conventional Concrete mix design-Pumpable Concrete mix design-Self Compacting Concrete Mix -Trials Core test-Concrete Coupler Bar- Physical test (16- 25 mm dia) Coupler Bar- Physical test (for 32 mm & above dia) Coupler Bar- Physical test (upto 12 mm dia) Door Shutter Test Emulsion Test/ ERT Test FDT -Core Cutter Method

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B. Preliminary Design: Prepare preliminary mix with minimum cement to crushed concrete ratios of 5 percent by dry mass of materials. Organic material is prohibited. The crushed concrete shall be substantially free of foreign matter including but not limited to asphalt, base, and dirt.

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As a concrete pumper, specifying a "pumpable pea-gravel mix" , or a "pumpable mix" whenever a pump is used or anticipated is the mark of an engineer with field experience. There are tailgate loads and pumpable loads. Pumpable mixes cost more and herein lies the devil in the details.

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Concrete mix-design is the method to transform the required engineering properties into the The concrete mix design elaborated in this handbook is based on the EN 197-1 for the cements to be 2.7.2 Combination of sand and coarse aggregate in a pumpable concrete according to the Goldbeck

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Designed Mix Ratio of Concrete Concrete Grade Mix Ratio Compressive Strength Compressive Strength M45 Design Mix 45 MPa 6525 psi A simple method of concrete mix design for pumpable concrete based on an estimated weight of the concrete per unit volume is described in the paper.

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Concrete Protection Shrinkage compensated, pumpable, cementitious grout SikaGrout®-214-11 is shrinkage compensated, self-levelling, pre-mixed cementitious grouting mortars with extending working time to suit local ambient temperature. Mix mechanically for at least 3 minutes with a low speed electric drill (max. 500 r.p.m.) with a disc

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A concrete pump allows you to transport concrete directly from the mixing installation to the building site. Trucks of this type consist of a chassis the pump itself and a distribution mast. These vehicles are mainly used in construction road construction and for other large concrete constructions such as dams.

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People credited with this unit standard are able to explain mix design fundamentals for bituminous products. Classification. Evidence generated for assessment against this unit standard must be based on the fundamental principles of mix designs in the following references: IG8 Asphalt Mix

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Concrete Mix Design or Mix Design of Concrete is a procedure of determining the relative quantities and proportions of different ingredients of the concrete i.e. Cement, Water, Fine Aggregate, Coarse Aggregate, with the object of • Mix Design of Pumpable Concrete. • British DoE method etc.

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Concrete mix design involves a process of preparation in which a mix of ingredients creates the required strength and durability for the concrete structure. Because every ingredient in the mix consists of different properties, it's not an easy task to create a great concrete mix. It is imperative that all

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distribution as well as freedom of mix design of geopolymer concrete [271] are interesting concepts for the further development of AM in the future. Although the AM technology is EP still in its infancy in the construction industry, it can be seen that traditional building processes can potentially be improved by utilising this technology.


While working on the design of the concrete structure, the project team also strove to reduce the embodied energy of the concrete itself. To minimize its carbon footprint, about 70% of the Portland cement in a standard concrete mix was substituted with supplementary cementitious materials

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